PATAWAWA - What you Want


What You Want

Patawawa are back with another slice of blissed out nu-disco funk, 'What You Want' !
From Matlock, UK, they’ve been playing together for about 18 months now and spent last summer performing at festivals including Fieldview, Y-Not and 2Q and supporting acts such as Youngr, The Go! Team and EKKAH. They also featured as one of Paul Lester's last 'Band of the Week's in The Guardian. Their first release on Splinter last February, 'Diversion', has already racked up +500K streams. In April, they hooked up with France's uber-cool Tez Cadey releasing a collaborative single 'Ivory' that has already scanned well over 3 million plays. Add to this the relentless gigging & continued support from the BBC (special guests at the recent Beeb-endorsed Dot to Dot festival), it's a wonder that they've had time to hit the studio.
'What You Want' contains all the usual ingredients for a Patawawa earworm. Upon first listen it already seems reassuringly familiar. With its dreamy songwriting, dash of lyrical humour & kooky arrangements, the new track once again appears simply effortless.
'Dead funky band who've incorporated old-school elements with a new vibe !' - NME

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