Patawawa will always have a special place here at Splinter. Their infectious dose of 'summer come early' pop, 'Diversion', was the track that we chose to launch the label back in february. With over 300K streams scanned and brand hook-ups with Adidas, H&M and Abercrombie & Finch, 'Diversion' continues to pick up support from all directions. Meanwhile, the group have been anything but lazy - in April they hooked up with France's uber-cool Tez Cadey & released a collaborative single 'Ivory' that has already scanned well over 1.5 million plays ! Add to this the relentless gigging & continued support from the BBC (special guests at the Beeb-endorsed Dot to Dot festival last month), it's a wonder that they've had time to hit the studio. But thank heavens they have ! They're back with another pop treat in time for summer on Splinter - the mightily wonderful 'Four To The Floor' ! Beth & Sam's vocals weave together around some nutty sax samples cooked up by Rory. As usual nothing seems obvious yet upon a first listen its somehow reassuringly familiar - a real earworm ! The group seem to approach everything they do with an effortless humour & good time vibes. Patawawa will be playing out all through the summer at festivals & gigs - and they'll be hitting Paris shortly around the release of 'Four To The Floor' - be sure not to miss them !

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