David Harks - Avalon

David Harks


'Avalon came to me in a dream - One minute I felt like a sponge in space bundled in warmth, the next I leaned out of the space ship and saw it all hurtling toward me on earth… Materialism, possession, an unstoppable wheel both ridged and exhausting… I wanted to counter this dream and turn back, head up out again and leave it all behind… And return to my spiritual home.’ - David Harks

Spinter is so proud to release 'Avalon' - the new single from Berlin based, British artist David Harks. A warm-hearted psychedelic hymn, 'Avalon’s radiant chorus wraps you in a gentle embrace whilst David’s sublime vocals lift us out of this mundane sphere and irresistibly up towards a better place.

As a solo artist, featured singer or with his band Safetalk, Harks has, in recent years, been tipped by leading tastemaker sites around the world including Neon Gold, Thump, Vice’s Creators platform, DIY, Clash and many many more. Now following releases on labels like Sunday Best, Kitsune and Eskimo Recordings, and collaborations with artists such as Future Sound of London and most recently Satin Jackets on the million plus streaming hit Northern Lights, 'Avalon' on Splinter represents the first step in a new journey for Harks that will lead to his debut solo album in 2018.

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